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Park Projects
Completed 2017/06/19.
Completed 2017/06/23.
Completed 2017/07/05.
Completed 2017/06/24
The grassy area near the boat ramp needs attention.
Suggestion: Expand the road area with stonecrete.
Many of the sign need to be updated and replaced.
Suggestion: Make the signs out of marine plywood, fiberglass, epoxy and marine paint like the new beach sign
A better job needs to be done with the grass cutting.
Bare areas need seeding.
Suggestion: Cut nearer the river bank and trim the weeds around the park benches.
What is going on here?
Suggestion: Fix/clean the out houses.
Fire rings on river bank and pavilion area.
Day Marker Range to aid river entrance.
Suggestion: Attach triangle day markers to existing posts to create a channel range aid.
Suggestion: Repair/replace broken fence post.